How to use Revel.

We know you’re not new to shopping online, or browsing through a blog,
but indulge us, please. Cos we really, really want you to know these:

  1. Here we bring you experiences, though not essentials — they enhance your life.

  2. Here we share suggestions, not impose standards.

    Explore us, meditate on our values.

We want you to thoroughly enjoy, and leave feeling rejuvenated
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Party supplies, props and in-a-box.

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Will you spend it with your child? Discussing their thoughts, ideas, sadness, joy and experiences?


“One of my favourite moments is when I make time to catch up on my baby journal. I love how it has all the promptings and categories so I can easily update without needing much time.” - Gina Goh

In 2018, we made it our business to inspire you.

Now we’re enabling you.

Baby Journals