Have you ever stopped and wondered,
where did your childhood daydreams and aspirations go?

Were you the girl who wanted to be a Princess-Astronomer? Were you that guy who was convinced beyond any doubt that you’d one day own the world’s BEST bakery?

Ann Thomas Founder + Editor

Ann Thomas
Founder + Editor

If you were a dreamer, I was dreaming right along with you. Of a life less ordinary. Of growing up blissfully, of discovering my purpose, of experiencing life’s greatest adventures, of being surrounded by people I adored. Of the most precious people and pets who’d make my cup overflow. Every. Single. Day.

And then, life happened.
No, not that sort I had dreamed up.

Can you relate?

I think you might. Cos’ I’ve come to realise that there are so many people, feeling what I’d felt. Trapped. Stuck. Under-accomplished. Unable. Under-equipped. Uninspired. Unloved.

“All roads lead to Rome.”


Rome, referencing to the center of things, which was literally true in the days of the Roman Empire. The center of things - your soul. It was in my journey of discovering my self, the very center of me, that I finally understood the value of the mind, our thoughts, our intentions and actions. The human spirit. How quickly we have grown to disregard it.

Why did engaged couples stop planning their own weddings? How else would they inject their very souls, set to be intertwined, into the start of their married lives? Why did pregnant mothers stop having time to record their once-in-a-lifetime memories? Why did we stop keeping records of our children’s lives? Why do helpers and assistants have so much more memories with our loved ones than we do?

Revel is that woman
who remembers her joy of living a thoughtful life.

Revel is that boy, now a man,
and applies those values his parents taught him.

Revel is that daughter
who is learning to explore and express herself
through her thoughts, words, and actions.

Revel is that son
who takes pride in being eloquent, expressive and appreciative.


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