Ann Thomas is the founder of Revel. She has worked extensively with young children in both local and international environments to see and experience first-hand the impact of early childhood. These experiences inspired her to dedicate her life to helping people break the cycle of living a rat race.

In 2012, she launched Beautiful Revelry. Her collection included party supplies such as paper straws and packaging tools which supplied for the likes of Kate Spade Saturday in Singapore. In 2016, she soft-launched Revel which started off providing custom design services for events that celebrated life and the people we love. By 2018, she found her direction, voice, and calling - leading to the birth of Revel as we know it to be today.

Team Revel


Aastha Srivastava

Aastha is a writing, photography and pecan-pie enthusiast, trying to savour each day and keeping herself from getting caught up in the rush of life. She believes in taking time to stop and smell the flowers, if you will. While studying what she studies, she understood the importance of making an effort to keep in touch with loved ones around you, and is extremely glad that Revel allows her to share this with its readers and customers.


Alice Lee
virtual Assistant

Handling all things ad-hoc,
Alice helps maintain
virtual sanity in the Revel offices.

Marie Noël David

Marie Noël David
Bullet Journaler

Marie is a German journaler based in Hamburg. She has developed her style over the past four years, her interests are the natural beauties of colour and design.