hi, I'm ann. Welcome to my happy space.
revel was once an personal journey in self-discovery.
It's safe to say things have changed a little since.

I'm Ann

I've spent most of my life feeling misunderstood and being extremely overwhelmed by life. 'Idealistic', 'dreamer' and 'highly-sensitive' were words commonly used to describe me. That was until I discovered my personality-type: INFP.

The rarest personality-type of all, we're known to masterfully understand emotion and the human experience. That made me laugh, but I identified with almost everything else that was used to describe us INFPs. Armed with this information, I decided to set out to truly understand myself and my balance in this world. As I went deeper into this journey, I finally began to relate to this: "masterfully understand emotion and the human experience."

100s of clients and followers later, Revel is now growing to be a resource for others to understand their journey through life. We're a safe space (think warm & cosy thoughts) where people can not only find inspiration and ideas to build themselves a more purposeful life - but also tools to equip and empower themselves + the ones they love. Revel brings to life my mission through our products and experiences offered. We cater to all personality-types, and refrain from grouping people - instead, choosing to truly understand each and everyone's needs and preferences.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for constantly seeking to understand yourself, your loved ones, and community better. I look forward to getting to you know!

Oh, and yes, I ♡ cake.

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