Navigating Your Mental Health Around Office Politics

For those already suffering from mental health issues, office politics may trigger even more adverse effects. How then can you manage these politics to ensure that your health? More than just handling your work, how do you navigate yourself through additional sources of stress that may come with almost every other job you take on? Here are 3 tips.

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WomenAastha Srivastava
Top 4 Picks for Teacher's Day Gift Ideas

I love that these suggestions work not just for teachers from formal schools - but also make wonderfully thoughtful gifts for tutors and facilitators. Most teachers begins planning their upcoming year in October - thus making these excellent tools for them to get started on their personal and professional development.

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Ann ThomasGift guides
5 Little Mental Health Tips

It’s been really heartening to see an increased focus on mental health and the importance it holds in our lives; there’s still a long way to go, but heightened awareness about various mental illnesses has allowed many of us to better navigate our lives and take care of ourselves. A lot of the ways in which we help ourselves happen in our day-to-day mundane lives, outside of therapists’ consultations (if you have any).

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3 Educational and Fun Playdates with Your Kid

And I know it absolutely stresses Singaporean parents when their child doesn’t concentrate in school, but trust me when I say each kid will find their way. It may be early, or it may be late, but educationally, there will be a spark for a certain subject in your child. Once that spark appears, all you have to do is let that spark grow and let your child ride the flame.

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Dating, and Putting Yourself First

As I grow older and closer to 30 (which isn’t that near but neither is it that far), I see more of the ridiculous standards that are placed on women as ar indicator of their value or worth. And on a personal level, I would like to encourage you and support you in creating a life for yourself that holds up to your personal belief system and takes your mental health in mind. Take a deep breath, and you do you.

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5 Tips to Empower Your Daughter

Your daughter, like any other child, is one-of-a-kind. Many kids forget that growing up into teenagers and adults, but all it takes is consistent communication and encouragement to remind them that they have something in them. Your daughter is the same, and she has her own unique quality to bring to this world, all you have to do is teach her how to coax it out of her.

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