Planning your wedding? 3 ways to feel less anxious right now.
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Recently I’ve been talking to a colleague who’s been appointed bridesmaid for her friend’s wedding early next year, and boy, when I tell you it’s been crazy, I mean it. From what I’ve heard, brides and grooms are usually stumped at the amount of work that goes into a wedding, no matter how they’ve been warned, especially if they choose to do so without a wedding planner. From the smallest of things — such as sending out invites — to the biggest, like booking a band and venue, the couple has endless items on their to-do list to make sure their wedding is a success. I’ve always said that such events and occasions can be extremely overwhelming, but all it takes is some organisation to lessen your load a little! Instead of a haphazard list in your mind (which I am usually extremely guilty of), call on the help of your trusty friends and family, as well as physical lists and books! They can help you out unimaginably.  

Get Organised! 

Be it a journal, a diary, a digital application, the native Notes application on your iPhone, I would strongly recommend an avenue that lets you get detailed with all your preparation, and gives you ample space to plan out your budget, venues, ceremonies, bands, photographers, and what have you. If you’re someone who needs bullets and sub-bullets and sub-sub-bullets, it would be best to with something physical you can write in, because you can personalise it as much as you want. After all, you would something that lets you have the most comfort so that you can plan out your wedding perfectly.  

  • Wedding Journals. 

If you have no idea what you’re getting into, a guided journal would be optimum. Revel’s guided journal offers sections for budget planning, checklists, guest lists, ceremonies, table settings, and gifts amongst others. These guided journals are bound to let you breathe a little more solely because some of the organisation is already done for you! Instead of having to think of everything from scratch, the basics and essentials of your wedding are already there for you to fill in, and you only have to worry about anything extra you might want on your special day to make it uniquely yours. 

  • Diaries and Applications

If you have already know what you want, or have guidance from a friend or family member, you may find that planning your own wedding from scratch might be what you prefer. From blank diaries to digital note-taking applications, your options are anything but limited. 

Get Help!

If there’s any time to ask for help, it’s when you’re planning your wedding. Don’t be afraid to bother people (too much); I’m sure the people you ask would want your wedding to go off without a hitch as well! Other than your immediate family, don’t forget to ask your best friends to be your bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

  • Professional Help

Wedding planners and event planners could be of great help if you’re short on time or extremely busy with other aspects of your life. With such help, you often just to have to keep an eye on things, and leave the worries and stress to your hired help. That being said, such an option can be costly to many — but weddings are not impossible to plan without professional planners! In fact, you may be more creative and innovative without help, since professional planners usually have a set list of venues and caterers that they would recommend to you. 

  • Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are going to be of extreme help to you! So make sure you ask them early enough to give them time to prepare and know what exactly the role entails, especially if it’s their first rodeo. From helping the bride pick out a wedding dress to helping the groom choose the wedding rings, your bridesmaids and groomsmen will offer opinions and support when you need them the most (and even when you don’t really need them). Revel has some cute groomsmen and bridesmaids invitations that you could send out just to make them feel a little special too!

  • Personal Help

There will be tasks neither you nor your bridesmaid/groomsman will be able to get to, and at times like these don’t hesitate to ask a close friend or a family member for help. Be it picking up cake samples, or dropping by a paper shop to collect invitations, asking for a small favour can be of immense help! Many would-be brides and grooms might feel like a bother, but I’m sure the other party would understand! (And you can always pay them off with an extra slice of cake at the wedding anyways ;)) 

Think of the Setting

A quick Google search for anything wedding-related would lead you directly to American or European wedding tips. Be sure to remember that Singaporean weddings are different. Not only could they be influenced by your race and/or religion, but the weather, too, plays a part in planning your wedding. 

  • Weather

Singapore is HOT: all of us know this. As such, when making your wedding plans, don’t forget to think about ventilation, cooling systems and the time of day (if choosing an outdoor setting). It might seem ambitious to think of this before planning anything else, but considering Singapore’s climate can set you off in more clear direction. Thinking of venues, drinks, and the menu with weather considerations would help out with your budget and save you time by cutting down ideas that might not be feasible locally. 

I won’t lie, weddings are extremely stressful to plan, and even with all the tips above they will continue to be. However, hopefully, with these recommendations, the worries aren’t as great. By breaking down and delegating tasks, any event — be it big or small — does become easier to manage and I hope that these ways do help you in doing so! 

3 DIY Photography Tips for Your Best Christmas Card Photo
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Ah! It’s November, which means Christmas season is here! Getting your Christmas trees, having your preparations for your Christmas party in order, getting that gingerbread cookie recipe from your mother, and sending out your Christmas cards must only be a few of the items that you have on your Christmas To-do list! No matter the amount of items you may have on your Christmas list, always remember the key to get everything done is to make a list and give yourself ample time! If there’s anything that confuses you or leaves you feeling overwhelmed, the Internet is always there to help :) That being said, Revel’s here to help too! Cards experience a surge in popularity during Christmas, and personalised ones more so. If you’re planning to have a DIY photoshoot to customise your Christmas cards, we have some tips to help you out!

Pick Natural Lighting

Not everyone has access to studio lights, so most would rely on the available house lighting for their Christmas photography. Artificial light, though, is tricky to deal with. With various aspects — such as shadows, exposure and highlights — coming into play, getting a photo that looks good after printing can be tricky. Worry not though, because natural light (or a combination of natural light and artificial light) is here to save the day

  • Shooting indoors
    Pick a time of the day when the Sun doesn’t shine too brightly, but is still up! Early morning or late afternoon are usually optimal timings. Depending on how much light your windows let in, the Sun during noon can be good too. Choose an area in your house that allows plenty of light to come in, and gives you flexibility in terms where you can place your camera. If you see a few shadows in your photos, don’t hesitate to use small lights inside your house to counter the shadows. A combination of natural lighting and artificial lighting might seem daunting, but it only takes a few tries to figure it all out.

  • Shooting outdoors
    Shooting outdoors is always infinitely easier in my opinion, as long as you have your locations sorted out! Christmas photos aren’t too tough either, since red/white are Christmas-y colours. All you need are some green trees and grass as a background, and you’re set to go! Red and pinks stand out exceptionally against green, making for a wonderful Christmas photo. Lighting usually a bother too, especially if you’re in an open area, because lighting pours in from everywhere! The only key point would be go before the sun sets.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Creative

Go wild with the Christmas spirit! Remember your days as a kid when Christmas felt like the Best Thing In The World (with its magical and wondrous charm), bring them to the forefront of your heart, and embrace them. When you set-up the backdrop for your photos, or create some props, don’t hold yourself back from whatever you want to do! However, I would advise staying away from metallic or reflective materials as they reflect light back into your camera lens and can make the photo a tad unsightly.

  • Props
    From Santa hats to goofy sign-boards, there’s no shortage of the props you can use! Get them from a store, or spend some quality arts-and-crafts time making them yourself. Loop in your partner or your child and have fun with them as you make these props! Christmas has so many props that can be made for everyone: snow flakes, Santa’s beard, “naughty” and “nice” signs, reindeers, gingerbread men, and the list goes on. If you’re having a big party, or several parties, after your photoshoot, I would suggest sturdier materials such as cardboard or felt, so that these props last longer.

  • Backdrops
    There are so many ways you could go with a backdrop! Streamers are a quick and easy way to have a fun background for your photo. Or use a bunch of Christmas bows and stick them on your wall, making a hassle-free Christmas background! Snowflakes and snow balls are another possible backdrop, and so is cute wrapping paper. If you’re short on time, a solid background with good, old-fashioned props is good too! At the end of the day, it really is the thought that counts. And once again, these can all be reused for Christmas parties or gatherings that you may have chose to have!

  • Special Effects
    Editing your photos with cute effects and designs after you’ve taken them is another way to amp up your Christmas photo! It also gives you more flexibility in the items you would like on your photo, and lets your creativity run wild. Let your family members or friends chime in with their ideas too — you’ll never know when you might hear an idea you love.

Don’t Fret About The Equipment

I’ve seen multiple people worry about the equipment they use to take photos, especially if they’re sending out these Christmas cards to multiple and many people. With the possibility of both physical cards and/or e-cards, the range of equipment that you can use has greatly expanded.

  • Phones
    With highly-advanced smartphones these days, photos captured are usually of a resolution that will look of amazing quality on e-cards, and the same on A5-sized cards, which covers the bases of approximately 80% of you out there. You don’t need fancy cameras or fancy lights to get a good picture! What matters is the spirit, the people in the photo, and the fun you have. It all shows in the photo, I promise you — and will definitely put a smile on the faces of those who get your Christmas cards! •

  • Cameras
    If you’re a photographer, you’re bound to have a camera (or two) lying around the house! If you plan on maybe keeping these photos and blowing them up to display in your house, or make cute mugs out of these, then cameras could be a good option. Tripods, timers, and studio lighting are bound to make your case, but are definitely not necessary to get the best photo! Play around the equipment you have available and the photo is sure to work :)

  • Borrowed Equipment
    If all you have is a phone, but you’re sure you want to reuse this photo as a huge portrait, or need it blown up for any other reason, then borrowing cameras is a good way to get around taking your photo. Sure, there are rental shops that lend you cameras, but if you’re looking at a low-cost option, try asking your closer friends if you can borrow theirs! Provided you take good care of it, I’m sure most would be more than willing to do so.

  • Post-editing is key!
    Spend a few (or many) minutes editing your photos after you take them. Ask around or look for easy online tutorials. Photo editing is easy once you get the hang of it! And editing can make a photo from a smartphone, or break a photo from a DSLR. Which means to say, the equipment doesn’t really matter if you can make the editing work for you. Either way, don’t stress out too much about it! With the first two tips, it’s rare that you would need anything more than a few quick edits on your photos!

Christmas cards are extremely fun to send out, and do keep you in touch with relatives and friends that you may have gotten out of touch with. Bask in the atmosphere of Christmas, and take that step forward to send your personalised Christmas cards to your loved ones. It might seem like a lot to take in or do, but it will definitely be worth it when you see your cards in your hands, and know that it will make your recipients infinitely happier. Revel has a holiday collection that you can check out; tis the season, go forth!

Aastha Srivastava
A Tale of Tails: Pet Journalling
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As pets gain more popularity, and many turn to these furry friends to keep them company, pet journalling continues to be a trend on the rise. Not only do these journals serve as a great way to record memories, they also make for great pet trackers. Medical health, pet training, and a travel checklist (should you choose to travel with your pet) — these are all reasons many pet owners choose to keep a journal for their pets. This increased organisation makes it a whole lot easier for you to responsibly handle your pet, and in turn, have much more fun with them! After all, with all the worries off your hands (and into your journal), you can focus more on bonding and taking care of your pet. 


Why Keep a Pet Journal?

Before you start, let’s clear some misconceptions! Pet journaling is not about have the Perfect Journal, it’s not a task that’s supposed to be intimidating. Pet Journals are about keeping track of the important events, the precious moments, the daily routines and challenges, your pet’s likes and dislikes, their training schedule, their health, and whatever else you might find useful! 

  • Help yourself (and your pet-sitter) out

Keeping track of your pet’s likes and dislikes, their allergies, and any other important information can be of tremendous help to anyone. Away on a holiday? Have a long, busy day at work? Need someone to sit your pet? At times like these, a pet journal can be incredibly helpful. Instead of a 15-minute briefing to anyone and everyone who has to take care of your pet, or a long text message sent in a rush, you have the convenience of your pet journal. Simply hand off the journal to them, along with some of the goodies and treats that your pet needs — and you’re set!

  • Help the Vet out

Since your furry friends age and grow a lot faster than humans, there’s no doubt that their health would go through more drastic changes every few years. As such, keeping a log of all their health changes on a regular basis makes it easier for your vet to track your pet’s health condition. Instead of relying on your memory, your pet journal provides more accurate and anecdotal information for your vet to base decision off from, making your vet visit so much more helpful!


What to Journal about? 

Your pet journal can be about one aspect of your pet’s life, or a multitude! See what works for you, and how you feel would be the most optimal way to retain the memories and/or information about your floofy pal. 

    • Medical Care

From medications and vaccinations to allergies and vet records, journals with the purpose of tracking a pet’s medical health are some of the most popular. 

    • Training/Habit Tracker

Training your pet to do some cool tricks? Or, do you notice that they have a strange affixation on a toy? Do they have some strange move they do when they’re happy? All of these can be keyed in! Sure, it makes for practicality and helps out anyone who could have to take care of your pet. But, this information also makes your pet more special: it’s what makes them specially them.  

    • Memories

Their paw prints, pictures of them, birthdays, favourite foods and recipes are all huge players in your memory builder! You may not be able to gift this journal to your pet, but it does make for an important keepsake should they be gone one day. Your entries could include something as important as what you’ve learnt from them, or as menial as what your cat’s favourite brand of milk is, or your dog’s favourite parks.  

    • Travel Checklist

Thinking about travelling, but with your pet? Your entries could include planning a vacation for your pet: pet-friendly accommodations and flights, a packing list, how friendly people are with pets in the country you’re visiting, and vets in the area you’re visiting. Alternatively, are you leaving your pet behind? Is there anything important your pet-sitter should know? Food choices, medical check-ups, allergies, favourite toys and games, training schedules — the information is vast and varied. Like mentioned, jotting it all down lets your sitter have a wholesome list, as opposed to something you whip up in a hurry.  


How to Journal? 

There are countless mediums available for pet owners, from online mobile applications to offline physical journals. I stay biased to physical journals, because they allow for so much personalisation and variation. It’s so easy to choose your own personal format so that you have the most fun with your pet journal! 

    • Keep it free and easy. 

Don’t keep yourself confined to restricted formats! Journal whatever you choose to. Keep a tab on the medicals, another on the memories. Use a page for photos, use the other for tracking their training! The world is your oyster, and so is this pet journal. Revel’s pet journals let you do just that. If you’re at a loss as to what to journal, the Internet has countless pet prompts for you to use! With a free-and-easy journal, your pet journal task may be less daunting to you, and the removal of specific boundaries in journalling could be liberating and calming.  

    • Keep it structured.

If the lack of cues makes you uneasy, then fret not! There are countless pet journals out there that offer you prompted pages. Such journals work great for those who do want to journal, but lack the time to think of various formats on pages, and are looking for quick and efficient ways to journal. 

    • Keep it online

Want to journal on-the-go? Lazy to write it all out, or print out multiple photos of your pet? Keep it online on an application! These are super handy and don’t hinder your busy day. Do it whenever you want, and wherever you feel like it! Walking your dog and want to note down something important? Just whip out your phone and there you have it — your pet journal :) 

Pet journals have helped countless pet owners in better managing their pets. With a wide array of reasons, ranging from practical to fun, it’s no surprise that pet journalling is on an upward trend. It may seem daunting at first, but once you get into the habit of it, you’ll realise that you were worried for no reason. It’s no difficult feat and is bound to make life easier for you and your pet! 


Aastha Srivastava
Sick Day Survival for the Solopreneur
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Simple reminder

We need each other. Albeit not while contagious.


Two days after singing Majulah Singapura loud and proud on National Day, I left home for Revel’s first ever pop-up retail experience. The next morning it happened. Over a plate of freshly flipped pancakes drenched in maple syrup. A shocking burst of discharge from my navel. A sickeningly gross concoction of blood and pus seeping through my dress. Cue horror movie special effects.

Dozens of email-replying at the A&E, doctors’ offices, night terrors, scans, pricks, blood, pus, and 11 weeks later… the professionals have unanimously agreed that they are unable to determine the source of infection.

Some days, all I can do is spread butter on bread and hope the feeling of dread, aches and chills pass. Other days, I'‘m travelling all over the island. Keeping up with my duties.

Even so, there is a quiet beauty in the midst of a sickness. The unknown, pushing your imagination and then drawing you back, smashing reality into your very being.

I was afraid it might be AAA, said the doc, it’s highly fatal.
I am yet to live my dreams,
I told my sister.

The togetherness is nice. The downtime is nice. The realisation of my strength is wonderful.

Yet, I was afraid to get out there. Meet. Mingle. What if I bled onto my clothes? What if they could smell the pus? What if??

7 events, even more appointments, even much more conversations later, I can definitely say that it would be alright. The world is filled with beautiful souls. Wonderful people, who not only listened, sympathised, brought me edibles, checked in on me, but also filled me with strength through their support.

So if you’re like me, a solopreneur, here’s my most important reminder to you: Let people in. ♡

Ann Thomas
3 Reasons Why Baby Journals Make Excellent Gifts for Newborns
A gift, a tracking tool, a diary — Baby Journals are wonderful lifelines for parents, new and old. Revel highly recommends Baby Journals to all mothers and newborns, and tells you why!

Other than the fact that Baby Journals are great ways to encourage a culture of memory-keeping, there are numerous benefits of keeping one, especially in the younger years of your child’s development. Documenting your journey with your child, as well as your child’s journey, can help to create a better developmental pattern for them, and a strong bond between mother and child. As opposed to your pregnancy being a flurry of emotions and hectic days, a Baby Journal can keep you grounded and more clear-headed on your journey with your little one. Plus, it’s such a cute way to look back on your memories with your child once they’re older. Baby Journals also help in stress management for new mothers, promoting better mental health and in turn, boosting your physical resilience. You might think that keeping a Baby Journal is just another additional chore, and is just another cause for your to-do list to get longer, but it has been proven that Baby Journals can be beneficial to mother and child. Particularly because a Baby Journal can help you in multiple phases of your child’s growth. 

1. Better Health, Better Wealth

Yeah, Baby Journals let you document all the important moments of your baby’s life. They make you smile and giggle when you flip through them, and they let you create special memories that you would have otherwise forgotten about. But here’s the thing: Baby Journals offer a little, magical pro that most parents wouldn’t think about. Because, you see, other than keeping track of your child’s firsts and seconds, Baby Journals also make you subconsciously track their developmental habits and allow you to have clean record of their health. 

    • Track Their Developmental Habits. 

Sure, kids can make do without these. Many of us did. I probably did — at least, I would think so? I don’t think my parents tracked my developmental health as I grew up. But some mothers did, and it helped them out tremendously. It helps you track patterns as your baby is growing up, such as seeing how long they’re sleeping for (which, let’s admit it, is pretty much all these little beings do. Other than eating, of course.) Or how much they’re eating, playing, crying, or staring into space. While experienced mothers may not need this, I would imagine such a journal could help new mothers in making sure their baby stays satisfied, reducing their crankiness and discomfort, by letting them see if their newborn needs more sleep, or food, or perhaps a little bit more playtime. 

    • Help the Doctor (and Yourself) Out

The Doctor’s Visit — a stressful time for the baby, and an overwhelming experience for the new parent. At times like these, you’ll be glad you decided to document the most mundane details about your newborn and their health. How many times they’re eating, how many diaper changes they’re having, when they’re waking at night; all of these details will be helpful to you when you visit their doctor. They also keep your visits efficient and minimal — better health, better wealth indeed. 

2. Memorabilia & Bonds

A Baby Journal can be a beautiful gift for your newborn once they’ve grown up, but it can also help you in establishing a special connection with your child when they’re still young, or even during your pregnancy. 

    • Bonding in the Early Years

In the words of Lara Hanos-Webb, Ph.D, a psychologist, “Logging your thoughts can help you to to begin developing an attachment to your baby [during your pregnancy].” In fact, after their birth, it can also help you in noticing in what gets the little one excited! Is it classical music? Or a certain toy or colour that has them jumping in their seats? Maybe a little Ariana Grande gets them bobbling and giggling. These menial, but important, facts can help you in creating a bond special to you and your newborn. Moreover, if it’s your second child, it helps you document tidbits that are significant and special to your second child, making this experience exclusive and precious to both of you. 

    • Bonding in the Later Years

Hanos-Webb continues on to say that giving your child the details of their earlier years later on their life can reinforce the unparalleled connection that mother-child share.  It’s difficult to fathom, I know, but your little baby will stop being a little baby one day (very sad, I know. I want to go back to being a baby.) It’s the wonderful memory box for you — and can help you in times! If you’re having a second bundle of joy, and are utterly confused as to how you did it the first time, then you know you have your trusty Baby Journal to back you up. 

3. As A Pregnancy Journal

This may not be as much as a gift to your newborn as it is to you, but it definitely will help your newborn. Your pregnancy is one of the most important phases of your child’s growth and development. Coincidentally, it’s also the phase where a ton of mothers feel alone, emotional, and stressed out. Women are also extremely vulnerable — in terms of their mental health — during their pregnancy. This is when a Baby Journal can help out tremendously, and is even recommended by various psychiatrists. After all, a mother’s healthy development during and after a pregnancy ensures a better childhood for their newborn. 

    • Helping the Mother

According to the co-author of Life Will Never Be The Same: The Real Mom’s Postpartum Survival Guide and psychologist Diane Sanford, Ph.D., a Baby Journal can help in before and after the birth of your child. Not only does a Baby Journal help you capture intricate details about your pregnancy, it may also help a mother in feeling more lively and satisfied. This is highly likely due to the fact that a journal allows a mother to express their feelings without getting any judgement, and can ease feelings of stress during a period that could feel like an emotional roller coaster. With a better mental state, you’re usually also in an improved physical state, which puts in you a better position for the postpartum phase to take care of your newborn.

With countless applications and social mediums, a Baby Journal may feel outdated and old-fashioned, but applications and such are pretty limited in their scope. They may only offer you to track certain aspect of your baby’s growth, and require constant purchases to have additional features, which may still not be enough. They can be deleted at pretty much any time. Physical Baby Journals, on the other hand, let you be flexible with your journaling and stick around forever. What’s more? You won’t be furiously glaring into your phone in the darkness of your room as you key in the details, disrupting your brain and eyes’ resting time. Other than being a gift, a Baby Journal offers great flexibility and durability to a mother wanting to archive her child’s growth :) 

Revel at EXPO Baby Fair

13 weeks of revelry

For the 2nd week in our 13 Weeks of Revelry, we’re bringing event-exclusive discounts, freebies and more! Look up our booth at C30B, EXPO HALL 5 from the 12th to 14th October!

Ann Thomas
Encouraging the Culture of Keeping Memories
child journals singapore

Every moment with your child is precious, as I’ve heard from every single mother out there. And hence, I can only imagine how darling it is to keep these memories. With our tendencies to snap away at cherished moments with the click of our phones and immediately move on to bigger, better things, it’s no surprise that we lose track of all the moments we try so hard to keep track of. See the irony? Most parents nowadays would have treasured, albeit worn and faded, physical printed photographs of themselves. Some of us even have journals full of the most wondrous moments of our life that we would not have remembered otherwise, but it’s not uncommon for kids nowadays to have their memories collated on one Instagram account or a Facebook album. And while those aren’t bad methods of keeping track, it’s unlikely that any social medium will last forever, and who knows till when you get to see your photos? Having a proper record of your children not only lets you savour the moments even as life passes by, but offers your child a form of support and solace for them when you can’t be there physically. It roots them to home, no matter where they be. 

What to Journal?

The most difficult stage of doing anything is starting. Countless ideas (or, absolutely none at all) leave you at a standstill, lack of motivation growing by each second. However, there are various ways you can choose to journal and document your child’s growth. 

  • Sort by: Type of Content

Short journal entries? Or a long one? Just a collection of photographs? A blank page that lets you write whatever you cherished about that day? Or a pre-planned page that lets you efficiently jot down everything you need to without too much hassle? Whatever you think suits you best, go for those. After all, if the journaling process feels tiresome to you, it’s very likely you’ll give up on it — and that’s the opposite of what you would want! So go for whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. If you’re at a loss as to where to start, you can begin with Revel’s collection of books and journals

  • Sort by: Categories of Content

You could choose to have a reminder of the most important moments — such as the first time they walked, they first day of school, their first award, and any other day you find important and memorable! Or you could choose to journal the most random moments that would make you smile. A moment that is special to just the two of you, or perhaps the days you feel overwhelmed and stressed out by parenting. You don’t have to document the same thing day in day out, and you could vary it by how you’re feeling on the specific day! Things you would want you, or your child, to remember, or shared and common dreams you have with them. The ups and downs of parenthood are so varied, there’s sure to be something you teach — or learn from — your child every day. 

Where to Journal? 

Like mentioned, too many or too little thoughts can put you in a slump. And walking into shops, or scrolling through online shops, can get increasingly overwhelming with one-too-many options and just as little time. 

  • Get a Baby Book. 

Guided baby books are incredibly popular amongst parents. Not only do they make your job a lot easier, and leave you with more time to do more activities in a day, they help you sort out your thoughts (and we all know how messy those can get, don’t we?) With such journals, you rarely need any other materials. There may be some exceptions, such as if you choose to paste photographs alongside your entries. On the whole, though, these guided books offer a hassle-free and stress-free experience. 

If you find guided journals too restrictive for your ideas and thoughts, don’t hesitate to get one with simple, blank pages! These are available almost everywhere you look. Just be sure to get one with a hard and solid cover so that it doesn’t wear down over the years! 

  • Go Vintage with DIY Methods! 

All you need is some paper, a pen, a hole-puncher, a pen, and some string to tie up your bundle of memories! Write whenever you want, and however you deem fit. The rustic authenticity of this method is bound to make this make-do journal even more dear to you and your child. Be careful, though, to keep it safe from possible haphazards and the grabby hands of your little kids! 

Alternatively, write little notes on post-its or mini note-pads and store them in a box as you go along! Whenever you feel reminiscent or down, scour the box and read through some of the greatest moments! 

How to Journal? 

You may hesitate to journal because you could feel like it takes away from your personal time, or time that could be used to bond with your friends, children, or other family members. 

  • Journal as a Form of Reflection Time

If you need some time to yourself every day or every week, then you could tie in journaling as part of it. This would let you be grounded and be honest with your feelings and thoughts. It would also consciously encourage you to remember the good parts of a day or a week, making you more appreciative of the days you spend with your child.

  • Journal to Bond

Journal with your child! If you feel like this is making you miss out on time spent with your child instead, do it with them! Ask them what the best moments of that day were, or document an inside joke if you had one. This will also make them thankful of the effort you put in to bond with them and make sure those memories last :) If they’re young, they might not get it. But they would definitely value the effort highly once they can fathom and understand it. 

  • Journal without Limits

Don’t stress yourself out by setting inflexible goals. If your goal is to journal once a day, or once a week, or even once a month, just try your best to stick to it. That’s all that matters! There are enough sources of tension in our lives, so don’t let this become one too. If you miss an entry, it’s all good. You’re going to have countless other moments to live through with your kid. So worry not! Don’t bound yourself to limits and restrictions. 

Journaling is on the downtrend nowadays, and it can be difficult to motivate yourself to document and write down everything, especially when technology makes everything so much more easier and adaptable. However, there is a charm in written pages and worn pages that can’t be reciprocated through these modern ways. Plus, a journal offers itself as a priceless gift, or a irreplaceable memorabilia. It’s sure to leave you feeling incredibly proud once you’ve gotten into the habit of penning down your memories. 

Children's Day Weekend at The Grandstand!
Children's Day Weekend at The Grandstand!

Hey folks! We’ll be at The Grandstand next Friday till Sunday, Beautiful and expansive [one-million-square-feet] you won’t have to worry about finding your parking space with their generously spaced car park for over 3,800 vehicles.

See ya there! :D

Ann Thomas
Baby Birth Announcement Etiquette in Singapore
Birth Announcements Singapore

Baby Birth Announcements can get taxing and difficult for mothers and parents, regardless of the fact that they may be first-time mothers, or an experienced one. Not only are you juggling with your newly-born child, the tiredness and exhaustion that comes with it, your personal life, and your professional life — you’re also worrying about getting the news about your wonderful bundle of joy out to your friends and loved ones. What to write in it, how to send it out, and when to send it out; though all of it may sound menial, it all adds up to your seemingly never-ending list of things to do. But before you start stressing out about announcing your baby’s birth and let it get in the way of your excitement, know that you’re not alone! There are numerous overwhelmed parents out there. Hopefully, with Revel’s tips and hacks, this thrilling task remains undaunting for you :)

Birth Announcement Ideas

There are so many ways to announce your child’s birth! Here are just a few of them:

  • Baby Birth Announcement Cards
    This is probably the most common and most intimate way of getting the message out. Don’t worry too much about personalising each card, though. The lovely recipients of your cards are bound to understand the time crunch and the fatigue that comes with being a parent-to-be or a new parent! The fact that you’re reaching out to them via mail is meaningful in itself. There are numerous cards that you can get to do so, including Revel’s very own collection of Birth Announcement Cards.

  • Baby Birth Announcements on Social Media
    Be careful with this! While it may be quick and convenient to post a few photos on Facebook or Instagram, there are two things to look out for:

    • RSVPs are more ineffective on social media
      If you’re seeking RSVPs on your birth announcement cards, RSVPs may not be as accurate as you would like them to be. Especially so with Facebook’s “Maybe” option, which just leaves you hanging, really.

    • Privacy settings
      If you’re sharing photos of your child and/or invitation with your address, ensure that your privacy settings are set to be viewable by only those who you want to send the message to.

  • Baby Birth Announcements via Texts/E-mails
    Another quick way to get your announcement out, and is effective with those who are sure to check all their important texts/e-mails. Just be wary of having to send multiple texts/e-mails out to get your message out to some people.

Designing your Birth Announcement

From the actual design to the wording on your invite, there are a few things to cover before your invitation can be ready:

  • Designing your Card
    If you’re going with a colour theme for your birth announcement, then it could be important to match your envelopes to the colour of your choice. If you choose Revel’s designs (which we’ve linked above), you have the wonderful option to pick from our wide range of coloured envelopes!

    Alternatively, if you choose to design your own card then be sure to use resources, such as online colour palettes, which would definitely help you pair your chosen baby photo with the right colour or pattern.

  • Wording your Message
    Clever birth announcement wording can seem baffling and tricky, but don’t sweat it! If you choose not to personalise your messages, then you only have one clever message to think of. While you may feel certain pressure to create the perfect announcement card, it’s acceptable to just have the all the details that are needed. Keep it short and sweet so that your recipients can get their information quickly — name, date and time of birth, the weight of the child, and perhaps your address, are probably the most important details that most are interested in.

Disseminating your Birth Announcements

Now that you’ve gotten your idea set and your announcements ready, it’s time to send them out! Before you do so, here are a few tips to make your workflow a lot easier:

  • Get Help
    It would be extremely tedious to collate and send out all the announcements by yourself — just think of gathering all the addresses/numbers/e-mails by yourself! More so should you choose physical cards, with having to send them out by post. Hire some free help: grab a free relative or your older child to give you a hand. Instead of handwriting addresses, you could print multiple addresses on sticker paper so that you can cut them and stick them on easily. That reduces the work for you and your help; all you have to focus on is the message you intend to send out!

  • Keep It Personal
    There’s no need to send out your birth announcements to people you haven’t kept in contact with in years. If you don’t have their current address, number, or email, that means they might not necessarily have to be the first to hear it from you (the word will eventually reach them, I’m sure). Keep your announcement personal and intimate by sending it to those who matter the most — immediate family, relatives, close friends, and anyone you find yourself constantly keeping in touch with.

  • Overestimate the Time Needed
    Think you’ll need a month to get everything done? Give yourself two, especially if you’re a first-time parent. Chances are, there are unforeseen circumstances and scenarios that you wouldn’t have thought of or factored in to your timeline. Don’t be too ambitious and tire yourself either! If it’s taking a little longer than you would have thought, it’s completely okay :) Don’t beat yourself up over it. After all, you have a child to take care of (amongst many other things).

As exciting as Baby Birth Announcements might seem, they might feel just as intimidating. Fret not, though! Just breaking up the task and taking it one step a time — instead of rushing it — would allow you to take it easy and fulfil the task with less pressure and stress. Don’t worry too much about deadlines too! Life has too many deadlines for us anyways, so as long as you’re trying your best, and eventually are able to finish up the announcements, you deserve a pat on the back!

5 Things I Do on Saturdays
revel singapore studio.jpg

Never, never,
never give up

– Winston Churchill


I’m a full-time hands-on Mom. I try [often in vain] to strike a balance between being cool + being the control freak that I am. I get how that possibly sounds absolutely ridiculous. But. Shrugs. We’re all just winging it, no?

So, coming back to Saturdays. Saturdays are my holy grail. Nobody touches my Saturdays. Unless they wanna release the Kraken. Saturdays are when I finally take a day for myself. To do what I desire. Now this changes often, as do my desires. Plus these days, I’m running pop-up booths on lots of weekends, which makes it even more precious when I do get some time alone to catch up with ME.

Irregardless, there are a bunch of things that I do on Saturdays, no matter what’s in-store for the rest of the day. Unless I’m out of town. Or on a staycation. [Now I’m sorely missing -cations.]

  1. Cook up a kickass breakfast
    It’s the only day of the week that I cook breakfast, and my little foodie loves it!

  2. Catch up with my friends
    I’m a firm believer in making time for people you love. Some of us have closely knit families. Some of us have closely knit friends. If you’re lucky, you get both. I got the friends, and I don’t intend to lose them.

  3. Cook & freeze
    This is something I started when business started picking up. Blame it on aging. I hate eating out on a regular basis. Nothing compares to my hastily thrown together meals that are often bland, but ohsogood to me.

  4. Netflix marathon, baybeh!
    Finally, some teevee time. Where I can have someone swearing through my speakers without me rushing for the mute button. Also, may I point out how old nudity is getting? I’m tired of seeing boobs so often. Sorry, Netflix.

  5. Design

    Saturdays are for my creative experimenting. No orders, no commissioned projects. Just my ideas and me.

Oh, and as the cover pic’s blurb suggests: Saturdays are also for self-pep-talk. It's great to seek advice from someone you trust, but let's face it, most times what you need is reassurance from within.

Ann Thomas