3 Types of Baby Journals

3 Types of Baby Journals

Baby journaling might seem like an arduous task. Especially if you are a person of a few words. If that’s so, then the variety of journals with prompts and guides would be most suited for you. Which also happens to be our best-selling format of baby journals. Today, we’re looking into all 3 types to help you select your most ideal form!

Type #1: The Busy, Person-of-a-few-words Parent

The best-sellers group, and it’s no wonder why. Parenting is beautiful, but TOUGH. Along with the many other roles we’re already juggling… and these journals totally get that. With clever prompts thoughtful planned out throughout their pages - you’ll be amazed by how brilliant they are!

Life + Notes
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Life + Notes
  • Light-weight, record-keeper + uplifting motivator

    If you’re looking for something that
    - would fit into your bag
    - looks stylish
    - is light on it’s weight, but
    - heavy on content

    You’ll love the Tiny Little Miracle Baby Journal and the Life + Notes.

Baby Memory Book - Grey
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  • Generous, spacious and luxurious

    For journals boasting similar content as their smaller counterparts, but are more generous with their space, you’ll love the Baby Memory Books (Grey / White) and the Birth to Five Years Journals ( Grey / Blue / Pink).

Type #2: For Moms Eyes, Only

Moms One Line a Day Journal
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  • For the busy mom-on-the-go.

  • A quick and easy way to capture the everyday moments of motherhood.

  • Simple ideas to record:

    - a single thought
    - a family quote
    - a special event

  • Each day for 5 YEARS

    Oh, and before that scares you away, #momsagree that 5 years rushes by in the blink of an eye.

Type #3: For the Super-Duper Eloquent / Artsy Parent

Oh you. Confession time. You inspire us. Your flair, dedication, and rad skills. You’re the one that picks the free-form journals, and we’ve got just the tools for you.

In the flurry of everyday life you might tell your child you love them when you drop them off at school or kiss them goodnight but it can be hard to find a quiet minute to sit together and open your heart. Then they get older and ‘mushy stuff’ is just embarrassing.

Yet you know, that one day when they’re all grown up, they will see how you adapted with their seasons. Giving and taking, bending out of form to embrace them. And when that one day comes, you will finally be able to share this with them.

There are many benefits to keeping a free-form parenting journal:

  • After a challenging day of parenting, it can allow a moment for reflection.

  • Enables you to put things in perspective and be at peace with the day.

  • Enables you to record those sweet little moments that bring light and happiness, but that are often forgotten when bigger things get in the way.

  • In the future when you’re away or not available but your child really needs some mum or dad time, they can simply open the book and absorb your beautiful words.

Love Letters to My Child
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Whichever ‘type’ you lay claim to (or not), journaling about your child is very personal and heartwarming. If you’d like to view, browse and decide on your most ideal one, we’d be happy to host you at our showroom. We’re best reached via texts (9128 7983) or emails (hi@revel.sg) though the occasional ESP works too. 😁

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