4 Things You Will Gain from Teaching Your Child Self-expression

4 Things You Will Gain from Teaching Your Child Self-expression

A large portion of your child’s foundational age is spent learning to speak, read and write. From a baby’s first word followed by the toddler’s small and simple phrases and then formal school’s vocabulary lessons. All of childhood - if not our entire lives, is spent in the art of learning self-expression.

In this age and today’s world of standardised testing, a perfect school essay or a test score is easier than actually mastering the art of writing. Journaling provides children with a fun and self-exploratory solution to self-expression. Given that there are no ground-rules in expressions when it comes to journaling, children find solace in this quiet activity of discovering one self.

Once form, this habit has enormous benefits for your child. However, here’s 4 which you will definitely gain after teaching your child self-expression through journaling:

  1. A Child Who Understands the True Meaning of Freedom

    Journaling enables young child to explore and finally feel comfortable in his or her own skin. In discovering this freedom to be themselves, children understand and are equipped with sufficient authority over self, to not succumb to external pressures.

  2. Discovery of Talent

    Journaling is art, which extracts hidden skills and talents of children who apply various forms of expressions.

  3. Stress Reduction

    What begins as a stress relieving activity, evolves to be a stress reducing one. Time after time again, journaling has proved to be an excellent avenue to reducing stress and strain in children. As children children discover themselves, they also learn how to cope and manage with their problems.

  4. Creativity

    Journaling paves a way to creativity for children. Many children are great thinkers and are great writers, yet those who cultivate a habit of journaling often find their own signature styles in creative expression.

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