5 Ways to Remind Mum that She is Loved

Mothers are taken for granted. They really are. Be it stay-at-home mothers, single mothers, working mothers, their value is inexplicably underestimated. They’re expected to know and do everything: from something as simple as helping you find that one shirt that only your mother can unearth to giving you a shoulder to cry on and disciplining you when the need be. And often, for this reason, we don’t understand the depth of our mothers’ efforts until we are much older and have to finally start being adult by ourselves. Although focused on Japan, a post by the New York Times highlighted how much mothers, especially in asian cultures, are expected and have to do. This leads to many mothers feeling unappreciated, sad, and even depressed with the lack of acknowledgement given to them for a never-ending job well done. Not only that, with the loss of morale, it causes strained relationships and unending exhaustion. It’s good, then, to build a culture of showing your mother your appreciation; it doesn’t have to be vocal because actions sometimes do speak louder than words. There are actually numerous ways to show your mother some appreciation, and Revel has come with a surefire ways to make your mum’s day (week, even).

1. Create Something For Them.

Spend some time creating something for your mothers from scratch! This may daunt some because of the lack of confidence in their skills, but trust me when I say this has more to do with the effort that has gone in than the actual result. The feeling of a loved one spending time and effort on a gift for them just to show gratitude is indescribable.

  • Hand-written Notes

    For her 50th birthday, my cousin gave my aunt a journal with with a little note written every day over the course of 1 year. Well, it wasn’t as much of a journal as it was loose-leaf paper tied together with some ribbon and kept safe from danger in a clear folder. Before you start worrying about where you can get your hands on a beautiful journal, know that Revel has one available right at your fingertips! The thought behind the journal is bound to send your mother over the moon.

  • Art

    If writing isn’t your thing, there’s also the possibility of creating art or dedicating your photography to her. Images or pictures that remind you of her, or imply her significance in your life is also a great way to go. Again, don’t worry too much about the artistic technicality, and know that it’s enough if you’ve tried your best and have done it from a place of love.

2. Spend Time With Them.

Underrated and underestimated. In my whirlwind of a busy day, I try to spend at least 10 minutes every day just chatting with my mum about her day, or any other exciting news she might want to share. As all of us get busy with our lives, it’s incredibly easy and convenient to have little to no interaction with family members. Just take some time to show your mum you care and love her, because it’s really difficult to remind ourselves when there’s no one to help us.

You can also treat them to little outings! Bring them out to attractions (Gardens by the Bay, museums, amongst many others), or shopping, or treat them to a Beauty Day! It can also be as simple as bringing them out for lunch or dinner, just so that they can relax and have a nice time out.

3. Get Them Gifts.

It’s also nice to surprise your mum with gifts occasionally! These don’t have to be expensive at all. For example, I know my mum loves desserts, so I try to bring home sweet snacks or desserts whenever I can. Or I bring her some face masks because she loves those too. I know it leaves her touched that I thought of her or that I remembered what she likes, and it’s a gesture that leaves her smiling for a while. If you’re ever out with friends and see something that you know your mum would like, or something that reminds you of her, then go ahead and grab it from the shelf!

4. Pay Attention to the Small Things

I know my mum’s an absolute neat freak (as most mothers are....) and I’ve now been conditioned to anticipate the nagging. If i something awry or misplaced, my mother’s niggling voice starts speaking at the back of my head. Thus, I just make sure I live a life that would please my mother: cleaning my room, decluttering the house, doing the laundry, etcetera without having her nag at me. And sure, I do it to avoid the scolding, but I know that it leaves her feeling less burdened and anxious. Our house matters to her, and she matters to me, and the maths says that I have to care about our house because of that. So I try to help around the house, because I know that it’ll make her feel better and happier. Things like offering to drive her, or whipping up a meal on her behalf are all actions that might seem small, but mean a whole lot more.

5. Don’t Be Shy With Your Gratefulness

Be vocal with your thankfulness! As much as you can be! When I was younger, I started to make it a point to say “thank you” to my mother after every meal she cooked for me. Now it’s a habit and I feel uncomfortable if I don’t so, but there was a point that where I was angry with her and I stopped for two weeks or so. Honestly, while it didn’t affect much, it did make me feel strained with my mother. I’m not sure if she felt the same way (though I think so too), but I know that the process of me thanking her did bond us more. Going out of the way to express thanks for whatever they do is a fantastic way to show love.

So, remind your mum she’s loved. It’s easier than you think, and your thoughts and actions go a long way. Be it something as simple as a word of thanks to a handwritten book of letters, your mother is sure to blown away by whatever you do for her.