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3 Educational and Fun Playdates with Your Kid

And I know it absolutely stresses Singaporean parents when their child doesn’t concentrate in school, but trust me when I say each kid will find their way. It may be early, or it may be late, but educationally, there will be a spark for a certain subject in your child. Once that spark appears, all you have to do is let that spark grow and let your child ride the flame.

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5 Tips to Empower Your Daughter

Your daughter, like any other child, is one-of-a-kind. Many kids forget that growing up into teenagers and adults, but all it takes is consistent communication and encouragement to remind them that they have something in them. Your daughter is the same, and she has her own unique quality to bring to this world, all you have to do is teach her how to coax it out of her.

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The Most Sensible Gift for the Kid Who Has Everything

As children, many of us were offered opportunities and time to interact with the real world. Which now as adults, has enabled us to voice our thoughts, opinions, and evolve & adapt as we grow. Are we offering our children these opportunities? Pressure and demand has it that children are constantly engaged. It’s not just us. Many children struggle with the concept of idling. How do we then provide them with opportunities to be in touch with their inner self? To develop their individuality, and not be a cookie-cutter child who attends classes, plays structured games, and is in this rat race of life.

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