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October. The tiny breather month, or rather, the warm-up session you best take seriously before the rush of November and the blur of December sets in. Memories from childhood though insist that it was the polar opposite effect all throughout childhood. I suppose my son’s in that stage in life too. Where everything slows down for the glorious 6 weeks (and already crawling to a stop 2 weeks prior to that).

As a working adult, the final two months of every year meant teachers on overdrive. Graduations, concerts, meeting the parents’ sessions, appraisals, spending your bonuses.

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3 Ways I Prepare Myself for the Year-end Madness

Do you have a routine/checklist reserved especially for October? I often do. It’s something that helps me mentally prepare myself for the next two months that will almost definitely overwhelm me if I didn’t step in prepared.

  1. Ensure my daily to-do list will remain lightweight.

    Along with the hope for cooler weather, November and December also bring with it plentiful of surprises, invitations, and emergencies. Both on the professional and personal fronts. To avoid a backlog of work, fulfil in advance, as many tasks as you can before the season. This may include scheduling your social media posts and blog posts to cooking and freezing meals in accordance to your meal planner.

  2. Have a (longer) list of backup lifesavers to turn to in case of an emergency.

    As a full-time Mom, I always try my best to ensure I have at least two people I can turn to on any given day. And during the insanity that is the year-end rush + the school holidays? I try to ensure I have more lifesavers on hand. On speed dial. And don’t forget to thank them!

  3. I schedule extra meditation and alone-time sessions.

    Avoid burnout, avoid burnout, avoid burnout. I cannot preach enough on this. It’s harder to squeeze in getaways during the peak season, and it’s exactly when you need them. Whether it’s secretly bingeing on Netflix with a tub of ice-cream in the dark, with your room door locked (guilty), or it’s taking a de-tour around ION on the way home after an exhausting day at work (guilty again) - know that you are doing it for your sanity.

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