How to Teach My Child Gratitude in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Good question. Aside from being a stellar role model, routines work wonders. Consider setting one in the morning, and one before bed. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just a minute or two spend on reflection.

  • Keeping it short and simple makes it an easy habit to start and develop.

  • A structure layout to guide you to encourage your child to open up about his/her thoughts and feelings.

In any area of self-improvement, small changes in habit often lead to results. The benefits from self-reflection for just 2 minutes, twice a day are significant. This is primarily because

☀ Morning Routine: In the first few minutes after waking up, you have the precious opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the day. The morning section asks you 3 precise questions to start your day on a positive note and set intention to make your day great.

☾ Night Routine: The night section helps you reflect on the good throughout your day & lessons learned, ensuring you end your day on a positive note.

Based on the international best-selling Five Minute Journal, The Five Minute Journal for Kids uses daily guided questions to help children focus on the good in life. It changes the way they think throughout the day by allowing them to recognise gratitude in everyday things. Watch this video here to learn more.

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