Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

With the humidity that’s present in Singapore’s air and the temperatures that only continue to rise, keeping your hair healthy is something you should consider; especially if you dislike wearing caps or hats and expose your hair directly to the sunlight (like me). Long exposure to the sun can result in a few things: dryness and sunburn of the scalp, frizziness and increased hair fall. Considering it’s summer 24/7 around this sunny island, here are a few quick tips to keep your hair healthy:

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1. Shampoo and Condition with Care

While shampooing your hair daily may seem optimal, it does more harm than good. Too much shampoo can actually reverse its intended effect and dry up your scalp and hair even more. If you tend to get a sweaty scalp often, and find your hair greasy and sweaty easily, look for mild shampoos that are chemical-free or have reduced chemicals. Also be sure to shampoo only your scalp. Putting it directly on your hair will dry it out. Don’t forget to use conditioners to help you restore and moisture your hair! Contrary to the shampoo, condition your hair directly and try to stay away from the scalp!

2. Avoid Additional Heat

Since the Sun is already shining enough and heating up your hair as it is, try to stay away from heat treatments on your hair. Air dry your hair if you can, and if not, go slow on the blow-dryer. Try not to use a styling iron or curler unless you intend to go straight to an air-conditioned or cooling environment right after!

3. Trim Your Hair

Split ends and dry tips are increasingly common during hot times, and it isn’t healthy for your hair. You don’t have to a drastic hair style change, but do trim a bit of your hair when you can just to give you a fresher look!

4. Watch What You Eat (and Drink).

You might be surprised to hear but your diet plays a great part in the nutrition of your hair (and of course, your body, overall). Foods rich in protein like tofu, lentils, salmon, and chicken or sources of vitamin A like carrot and sweet potato are great for you and to keep your hair nourished! Additionally, drink up! Stay hydrated to help the hydration and moisture levels of your hair, making it less prone to breakage! :)

5. Treat Yourself!

Just like you treat yourself to some me-time with face-masks, do the same with hair masks. There are numerous hair masks that can be bought, but if you’re feeling a little DIY, go ahead and make one for yourself. There is a variety of options. One would be the simple combination of aloe vera and lemon to ease the sun damage on your hair. Another would be honey and olive oil. Strawberries, too, are great, with the exfoliating properties of the seeds and the vitamins in the berries. If you needed to decorate a cake with only parts of strawberries, use the remaining and grind it up into a paste before applying! Leave any of these on for 15-20 minutes and then wash them off.

So, if you’re worried about your hair (or even if you aren’t), rest assured that taking care of your hair is easier than it sounds. As we head into the summer season, a few quick steps and tricks can make your summer hair fuss-free and easy to handle!