Top 2 Practical & Beautiful Baby Health Journals

How do you keep track of your child’s health? Was it Jack who had the chicken pox? Who was it that the rusty nail pricked at the playground? Vivid memories that morph and fade into vague memories as we grow older and these dim away. While these are essential information, it can be difficult juggling them in our memory bank - especially if you are a parent to more than one!

#1: Baby schedule & feeding journal.

My top pick when it comes to tracking baby schedule/feeding journal.

Keep track of your baby's daily feeding and sleeping cycle in a thoughtful and deeply inspiring journal. Peppered with useful reminders for new mothers - including self-care tips to help her get through her personal daily routines as well.

Structured pages to keep track of your baby’s day:

  • feeding

  • expressing

  • sleep

  • development

  • milestones

  • other notes

  • daily gratitude section

  • daily tips from other mums

  • A growth diary

  • Inspirational quotes

  • Key contacts

Advice on:

  • Looking after yourself

  • Taking on the new role of parenthood

  • Dealing with stress


  • Spill-proof leatherette cover with gold foil

  • Interior pocket with gold foil

  • Pen holder

  • Ribbon

  • 13x18cm (5.1×7.1 in)

  • 156 pages

Life + Notes
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Life + Notes

Stay organised and keep note of:

  • immunisations,

  • illnesses,

  • growth and

  • developmental milestones.

  • There’s also space to record proud moments and love letters to your child on every birthday.

  • Change doctors or move house without worrying about losing a complete and detailed record of your child’s health information.

  • Build your child’s sense of self by demonstrating that their health, growth and development matter.

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