Top 4 Picks for Teacher's Day Gift Ideas

For almost a decade of my life, Teacher’s Day was my favourite holiday in Singapore. As a young teacher fresh right out of school; relating to the wants and needs of young children was second nature. What began as a part-time stint, rather quickly (over the course of two months) converted into a full-time career choice.

For a couple of years, I juggled a full-time teaching job together with night classes to become a qualified teacher. As my career progressed - aside from the bonds I built with children, my favourite part of the job was building curriculums and lesson plans. The entire process of brainstorming, building on ideas, planning, scheduling and eventually executing these plans was a personal kinda high!

I suppose I’ve always been a planner. As a young student, my choices were limited to the small neighbourhood bookstore and an even smaller budget. Therefore simple exercise books would be decorated and converted into a planner in a DIY fashion. Years later, as a gainfully employed individual, I’d splurge on the best planners I could find to fully accommodate my needs and fancies.

Gifts for Tutors and Enrichment Class Facilitators

I love that these suggestions work not just for teachers from formal schools - but also make wonderfully thoughtful gifts for tutors and facilitators. Most teachers begin planning their upcoming year in October - thus making these excellent tools for them to get started on their personal and professional development!

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