Why We Serve Fruits at Kids Parties + Party Fruity Smoothie Recipe!

Why We Serve Fruits at Kids Parties + Party Fruity Smoothie Recipe!
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I love sweet, fruity drinks. I'm amazed how they totally fulfil my cravings for bubble tea. #singaporeanproblems Sweet fruits can often be a minefield if you're counting sugar, but it shouldn't be a problem for most kids. YET, mine (and many others) flee at the sight of fruits.

Don’t judge me. Like all paranoid first-time mommas, my son’s first foods were fruits. He was a huge fan of spinach and raspberries, until he went to preschool (It’s so much easier to blame the world). I’m just saying, I did my part.

Naturally, I was stunted when I watched him gobble down apples and berries at a recent kiddos gathering. Just cos’ the rest of the kids were doing it. And here I thought I was raising a born-leader. I stood corrected, but also stood plotting my devious plans on tricking him into consuming more healthier foods.

Parties are the perfect place to test your child’s self-imposed limits. Especially when it comes to bravery and food.

If you are counting sugar for some reason (pfft), this version has no added sugar. Blended into perfection with just 3 honest-to-goodness ingredients. Strawberries and bananas are a classic combination, but a splash of pineapple juice totally elevates this to a party-ready vibe.

Oh, and while you’re blitzing away, we’ve got you covered in the party styling area. Cheers now, mate!

P.s.: We’ve always got really pretty coasters.


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