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3 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Skin

There you have it! Essential, basic skincare takes really little time, effort, or money, and it goes a long way in the way it lifts your face and gives your self-confidence a push. The way you feel after putting in effort into yourself encourages you to be more self-assured and courageous. It’s really, really effortless, too!

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Balancing Relationships with Loved Ones and Yourself

I’ve come to realise that women in their 20s and 30s tend to be incredibly busy: not only because they’re busy managing their careers and their family lives, but because they have so many commitments to many people outside of these aspects of lives. They’re usually taking care of their parents, their siblings, their partners, and their kids, before checking in with their friends: all while balancing a working life and other professional facets of their careers.

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Moms, Bath before Journaling. Here's Why.

With time, you will find that these rituals enable you to be kinder on yourself and your child. So the next time you are facing a roadblock when attempting to journal for your child, remember, it’s no rush. There are no deadlines. Make time to meditate, re-visit those ill feelings, and work your through them.

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