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3 Ideas for Leftover Gift Wraps!

Isn't it a pity when you've bought gorgeous wrapping paper, wrapped your present, only to be left with an amount too small to wrap something else, or a weirdly-sized remainder of the wrapper for it to be useful? I've been wrapping presents and gifts for years, and for a long time I've done what most do with leftover gift wrappers -- throw them away. It felt like such a waste to me though, especially when the wrappers were pretty and I had taken a liking to them. Wanting not to waste the paper (and therefore, my money), I turned to the deep recesses of the Internet to find a solution. To my surprise (well, not really), there are uncountable number of ways you can put that leftover gift wrap to good use. Here are some of my favourites:

1. Paper Buntings

With some cereal boxes, gift wrapping paper, glue and glitter, you can get your bunting up in no time at all! Rather than burning a hole in your pocket, you can get together with your friends or family to create a bunting for that upcoming party. Check out this neat tutorial here to see exactly how you can get this done!

2. Lining

If you've turned digital and no longer subscribe to the good old physical copy of the newspaper, then you would know the pain of not being able to line your drawers and shelves with old newspapers anymore. This is where scrap wrapping paper can come in handy! Line those wrappers along the bottom of your drawers; not only would you be saving these beautiful papers from being wasted, but it would be treat to open up your drawers as well!

3. Envelopes

This is definitely my favourite. Gorgeous, cute envelopes without much of a fuss! Sometimes you just need a cute, small envelope to gift something precious but tiny - a ring, some earrings, a charm, whatnot. This tutorial teaches you how to make some pretty envelopes in various different designs. When you're in the mood to send some snail mail, it can be super exciting to have envelopes that you love and created by yourself. It just makes it that much more special!

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