New! Amp Up Your Gifts with Gift Tags – Revel

For those of us that love gift-wrapping, wrapping up presents can be a relaxing and welcome activity. Personally, I love wrapping up presents. Putting on some music, pouring myself a cool drink, and settling down with my favourite gift wrappers and accessories is a routine I always look forward to. As such, I'm always looking for items to make my gifts look more beautiful. While ribbon, stickers and cute typography is my usual go-to, I realised there are many more ways to make your gifts stand out more.

Small gift cards are one. Gift tags are another. Gift tags are small tags that you can attach to your gift, which not only makes the gift cuter but also more personal. Gift tags are the perfect way to top off your present for your friends, family and loved ones!

What's even more perfect than that? The fact that we've just launched some new gift tags in our shop! These set of gift tags are designed for almost any event or occasion, and you can use them for almost anything! Choose between three great, different designs (or don't, and get them all)!

I hope that these gift tags help you in making your present even more amazing. It's always pleasant to receive gifts that show thoughtfulness and sentimentality. It also helps that they're super cute! So go ahead, purchase our set of 10 gift tags now. :)