Quitting Your Bitchin’: How Bullet Journaling Can Craft A Superior You

COVID-19 got you feeling the lockdown woes? Has the cabin fever rendered you shaky and frustrated?

I’m not going to lie to you, we’re no stranger to these feelings. Locked away, every day, wishing that my doorstep had more for me than a trip to the store…

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. We’re human, we’re strong! There are ways to not submit to these negative feelings! But do we understand how?

The Troubles That COVID-19 Has Brought Us

Let’s start with the base fundamentals. We’re social creatures. We thrive with others and through some basic interaction, a cocktail of positive hormones releases within us to make us feel great. Y’know, as long we’re socialising with the right people!

But that’s the problem. We got chucked into a pandemic. We get it, we have to make sacrifices to stop the spread, but grrr, it’s frustrating not being able to go outside to see people!

Businesses have had to close, new rules brought into place, it’s a mess. And it’s a struggle to not get frustrated. No haircuts, no visiting our older relatives, it’s been a kick in the teeth to our personal freedoms.

So, how do we deal with it? This is what Ho Ching, The Prime Minister of Singapore’s wife, had to say.

How Did We React To The Pandemic?

 Ho Ching made a statement on Oct. 27th, 2021, about the public outcry to lockdowns in Singapore.

Her words and I quote:

 “So folks who bitch about their freedom to dine in bigger groups, whether as family or as friends, just stop it!

We are just spoilt kids if we keep on harping on our disappointment about dining and freedoms,”

Let’s do our best to help, instead of wasting our energies on tantrums and bitching,”

Bold words, but she has a point. Staying safe and not spreading the virus should be one of our main responsibilities as a people. But it can still be frustrating. 


In America, the infamous “Operation Haircut” is another standout event. Bringing such a domestic issue to light raised a point. That to some, a pandemic shouldn’t take precedence over how our hair looks. Ho Ching’s quote remains ever true.

How Bullet Journaling Can Promote Mindfulness And Better Mental Health

There are plenty of ways to overcome your lockdown frustrations, we get that. But we’re the expert of one method that could help you.

 Bullet journaling.

With all these frustrations, our brains will be going a mile a minute. You end up forgetting things, not dealing with emotions, and even feeling lost and confused.

This is where bullet journaling comes in. It’s not like normal journaling, where you write sentences and paragraphs as a summary of your day. This is a quicker, and more efficient take, on the practice. 

The psychological effect is immense. Every thought, every feeling, you write it down in one line. Then mark it with a bullet. You can do this with any journal. But to keep this up as a habit, and encourage mindfulness about yourself, a readily constructed journal can serve you better than a normal one.

the 5 min journal sg

Why Our Journals?

You can buy a normal journal from anywhere. But as user experience has progressed, so has the need to make things easier for us as human beings.

We have a selection of journals, designed and structured, to help you bullet easier. It can be time-consuming to create the same structure every day. It can even waste whatever thought you had whilst you make everything perfect.

That’s why it’s already done for you. You open your bookmarked page, write what you need, and boom, done. Granted, this is only for those who are serious about bringing order and mindfulness to their life. But for those people, these are the perfect supplement to aid in your journey to being a better you.

When All Is Said And Done…

It’s ok to feel frustrated by the lockdowns. You’re not alone with that. But maybe it’s brought out a new side of you that you don’t like, and you’re feeling lost. That’s also ok. You’re human. I’m human. It’s not wrong to feel these things.

The best step forward is trying to get yourself some help. Don’t settle for negativity and for a muddled mind. Bullet Journaling is a great way to bring order to a chaotic life. It can help you view yourself from a different perspective. A mindfulness perspective.

Or you can just use a journal to write ideas, keep track of events, or as a to-do list. We have those as well!

If you’re interested in our specialised bullet journals, you can follow the link here to find a massive selection of the journals we’ve talked about. Along with other goodies that pique your interest.

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We wish you all the best in your journey to become a better you. Great strength comes from trying to improve. I’m glad to see you’re taking that path.