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The Art of Gift Giving

A brand new year is upon us. With the new year comes new opportunities, better experiences and of course, a whole array of significant events ahead. Be it your child's birthday or your sister's anniversary, it is no doubt that most events call for the perfect gift.

There is no single gift-buying guide since all of us are different ideas of the perfect present. However, there are a few tips you can keep in mind when looking for the perfect gift to buy!

  1. Other than keeping the recipient in mind, it's also wise to keep your own interests and skills in mind! What most don't know is that reflecting yourself in the gift, as a giver, promotes closeness and boosts relationships between you and the person receiving the gift. This is because it is interpreted as a gift that provoked personal sentiments and emotions as the giver was preparing the gift.

  2. Sometimes, it's okay to ask! A lot of us go through unnecessary panic and stress while thinking of a gift to give, wanting it to be a useful present while being a surprise at the same time. Often times, unless the recipient has been dropping hints or has explicitly stated what they want, both criterion are difficult to fulfill simultaneously. If they're comfortable with it, ask the recipient for a vague idea of what they would like or need. The vagueness allows you to get creative with the possibilities, and yet the recipient get something they would like.

  3. Effort counts! Rather than buying an expensive gift, the presentation and designing of the gift count as well. Take your time to decorate your gift and make it look pretty by using gift wraps,  ribbons and other accessories. Not only does a gift wrap show that you put in your own time and effort to make someone's gift better, it also makes the unwrapping and reveal a lot more exciting.
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