Try This: Celebrate You – Revel

Somedays I feel we're all been taught lies. Take life for example. There is no suddenly turning over a new leaf. It doesn't suddenly begin for you at the flick of a switch. It has already begun. From that moment you took your first independent breath. Everyone and everything around you, shaping you, influencing you since that very moment. 

Your heart breaks, your losses, your victories, your first step, in every charm and fiasco, there was you. You have outlived fellow mammals. You have fought for your joys. You have shed tears because your feelings matter to you. 

So you might wake up one morning and say, hey, life begins anew today. Except it doesn't. It's a journey you are on. Your ultimate, most fulfilling, most delirious journey. There is no new life. You only get one. So embrace your scars. Embrace your laughter. Embrace everything that defines you. 

While you're at it, embrace changes. Give yourself time to make those changes you feel you deserve. Be kind on yourself. Be patient. Celebrate your self. You are facing a broken world. One where someone's paying 7 bucks for a cup of coffee, while an ocean away someone else is starving to death. But you're you. You're here. You've got to build yourself before you can help others. And you will do your best to harm to the least. 

And so, my hope for you today, and every day in your continuation is that you will celebrate this miracle. Each bruise and step that has either built you up or made you stumble. Be ordinary. Be magnificent. Be everything and anything that is you. Because once you see that self-love takes discipline, you will soar.