Where’s My Happily Ever After? Right Here.

One of my happiest tasks at Revel is the process of curating, test-driving and retailing many happiness planners and journals in Singapore. There are, of course, loads more out there, but we are very stringent with our selection process - and I have a very valid reason why. It has to support our user’s quest in understanding happiness. 

One of the frequently asked questions I get at Revel is this: How do I use your journals to achieve happiness? It’s always a difficult question to answer. Even if you don’t practice journaling or use a guided planner this is still relevant to the bulk of us. And almost always, I turn to this story to help them better understand. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

So when I was at a turning point in my life some years ago, I went off in my personal pursuit of happiness. I definitely started off on the journey with the idea that happiness was a destination. It was something that I didn’t have, but it existed somewhere and all I needed to do was find it. And I thought that when I found it (happiness), my negative thoughts would disappear. All my difficulties would simply cease to exist, be solved or no longer be a difficulty? I have no idea what I was thinking - but in my mind, that was what happiness was. A missing puzzle that I needed to find for my happily ever after. And of course, as I dug deeper, I stopped viewing happiness as a thing and began to consider it as something present in my life. Happening, present this very moment as long as I stopped being distracted and could keep my eyes and thoughts on it. So then the question was, “How do I focus on it without being distracted, yet, not deny and ignore all my existing problems?” Because life is never smooth sailing yea? And if you’re like me, you’ve had your share of bad and sad experiences in life. The answer is cultivating stability. 

Cultivating Stability

Just like meditation, we create just one moment focused solely on our happiness - maybe you whisper a positive affirmation while brushing your teeth. And then when that’s become a habit, we move on to creating another moment - maybe now you write a gratitude journal. So what started as something that took a couple of seconds, to many moments, but over time what you want to do is to reflect on these moments. When your mind is genuinely open. And for me, that was the turning point for the better. When I realised it’s not about finding this happiness, but more broadly, it’s actually about seeing and acknowledging its presence in my life. Journaling opened my mind to help me see that being present in the journey - routinely acknowledging the good in my life, is the destination itself. 

I hope that you’ll take a little bit of that into your day, and maybe find yourself a little more aware of the presence of happiness in your life.

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