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Why You Should Include Photos in Your Greeting Cards

Photographs have incredible sentimental power. As a photography enthusiast, I find that the power of photographs goes underestimated. This illustrated images have potential to bring back the fondest of memories, and to touch deep within your heart. 

Often times, most greeting cards come with cute designs and colourful covers, but perhaps we can consider adding some personal photos into the cards. You don't have to go out of your way to print personalised, special cards. You can always print one (or a few) photos and stick them onto your card. 

For professionals, photography may be about composition and lighting and colours, but for others, choosing the right photo is simply about evoking the best emotions. The best photograph for a birthday card could be a blurry, shaky photo of you and your friend out one night. The best anniversary card could have a photo that has your husband or wife making the silliest face. 

I love having physical copies of photos, and I always make sure to print some out for my friends and family when it's a special occasion. In a time where photos are digital and our memories are no longer stored in physical form, having a photo or two on your greeting card is bound to make your receiver smile. 

If you're worried about printing a card, don't be. You can always attach photos to ready-made cards, and feel free to start from Revel's collection of cards! With these, I hope you make and store wonderful memories of you and your loved ones. 

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