[PO] 21 Years

[PO] 21 Years


Consider writing your child a letter. One per year. Perhaps on their birthday, or the mark of a new year. Include a favourite photo for that year alongside you note. Memories, accomplishments, defeats, write them down. Summarise the year over three lined pages for 21 years and then gift it on their 21st birthday. We’re all about the culture of keeping memories alive.

Now you have a present money can't buy but the richest gift of them all. All the memories, all the great family times, all the achievements, all the emotion and the feelings, everything you want them to know and remember documented in this 21 years of keepsake.

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  • Beautiful linen hard cover, case bound with a gold embossed title and spine

  • Features one page to place a photo and three lined pages for writing for each year, from 1 to 21 years.

  • 120gsm paper stock internal pages (FSC)

  • 96 pages Journal measures 230mm x 190mm

  • Illustrated end papers

  • Designed in Melbourne, Australia

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