The Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal


Looking to find The 5 Minute Journal in Singapore?

Do u frequently get caught in a negative thought loop?

Difficulty living in the present?

Is your mind always occupied?

With a simple structured format based on positive psychology research, you will start and end each day with gratitude.


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Your secret weapon to focus on:

  • the good in your life,

  • become more mindful, and

  • live with intention.

Thousands who use the journal have seen:

  • increased happiness,

  • better relationships, and

  • have become more optimistic.

Based on proven positive psychology research.

In just 5 minutes a day, train your mind to focus on the good in your life. Here's how it works.

In the morning

You start your day with practices that support gratitude and bring awareness to intentional actions that enhance your life. This conditions your brain to become positive focus and I'm sure it’d help you begin each day with purpose 

At night

Before bed you reflect on the good things that happen throughout your day and how you could improve for tomorrow. No matter how your day was you'll sleep a bit better after calming your mind

With the 5 Minute Journal in as little as a week it helps you appreciate life more and counter negative thought loops.

It's the simplest thing you can do to start and end your day happier.