Your Pregnancy Story

Your Pregnancy Story


Record your pregnancy journey from conception to your baby’s arrival in your arms. With pages at beginning of the journal to note down

  • pregnancy and doctor / midwife details

  • advises

  • shopping lists

  • names

  • books, websites and social media to read

  • nursery plans

  • birth plans.

From here, the journal allows 2 double page spreads for each week - from 8 weeks to birth - giving prompts for details on your weight, your weight measurement, cravings, appointments with your medical team and and questions you might have for them.

There is a page to stick in a bump photo and 2 pages for journalling. 

Journal Contents

As the journal continues;

  • It covers each week allowing 2 double pages from Week 8 to birth.

  • Each week you can record your weight, and waist measurement

  • Any crazy cravings.

  • Doctor’s or Midwife’s appointment

  • Questions you might have and would like to ask.

  • A section for their answers.

  • A page to post any belly photos or scans.

  • And a double page to write your thoughts about you and your baby. 


  • Beautiful natural linen hard cover, case bound with a gold embossed title and spine

  • Guided journal with prompts and without for journaling

  • 120gsm paper stock internal pages (FSC)

  • 144 pages

  • 146 x 190 x 17mm

  • Ribbon Marker (White)

  • Illustrated end papers

  • We recommend photos dots, double sided tape or acid free washi tape for sticking photos

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