Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma

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A beautiful journal filled with over 60 fun and inspiring questions carefully created to inspire any grandmother to tell her story probably one of the most valuable gifts you will ever buy.

  • Ask her to complete it carefully

  • Adding photos and memorabilia along the way.

  • Find out how things have changed throughout her life.

  • What things did she do as a child that are different from today.

  • What were her own parents really like

  • What adventures has she had in her life.

  • Discover what your own mum or dad was like when they were young!

  • What are her favourite memories of the times you have spent together and is there any advice she would like to give you?

When you get her completed journal returned to you, this will be one of the most emotional presents you have ever received. A great gift for Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, her birthday, an anniversary, Christmas or just because you care.

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