The You Are Awesome Journal

The You Are Awesome Journal


This one's for boys and girls everywhere. An interactive journal full of life hacks, challenges and activities to give kids the confidence to come up with their own plan of action to be the best they can be.

“I read YOU ARE AWESOME in one go, and then read it again! It answered so many questions I had about how to get better at some of the things I struggle with. It has stories of how others have been successful and makes you feel that you can do it too. After reading YOU ARE AWESOME I've changed how I approach difficult things. I've told all my friends to read it!”

- Freddie, age 10

“I loved this book. YOU ARE AWESOME really builds your confidence and shows you how the right mindset can help you achieve your dreams. It shows that you have to be brave, prepare for failure and have self-belief. I will definitely be using some of the principles in this book to tackle some everyday challenges and other bigger ones too. A definite must read for anyone who wants to achieve more with their lives and build their confidence.”

- Ella, age 13

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