Love Letters to My Child

Love Letters to My Child

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A mother’s keepsake journal that lets you share your:

  • love and memories,

  • your lessons and dreams as you write day by day or year by year.

In the flurry of everyday life you might tell your child you love them when you drop them off at school or kiss them goodnight but it can be hard to find a quiet minute to sit together and open your heart.

Then they get older and ‘mushy stuff’ is just embarrassing.

The Love Letters to My Child journal will remind your children of:

  • who they are, and

  • how much they have been loved since the day they were born.

There are many benefits to keeping a parenting journal:

  • After a challenging day of parenting, it can allow a moment for reflection.

  • Enables you to put things in perspective and be at peace with the day.

  • Enables you to record those sweet little moments that bring light and happiness, but that are often forgotten when bigger things get in the way.

  • In the future when you’re away or not available but your child really needs some mum or dad time, they can simply open the book and absorb your beautiful words.

A mother’s keepsake journal to be treasured forever.

  • A5 in size

  • 159 pages

  • They are section sewn: they will lay flat when you write in them.

  • They are covered in a premium soft blue / grey linen cloth

  • Each journal includes beautiful photography.

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