"The story of Revel began by creating solutions based purely on human emotions."

- Ann Thomas

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Our Motto:

Create solutions based on human emotions that enrich lives.

A little bit structured, a little free and a whole lot of chic, Revel is the stationery boutique for your soul where you can’t help but stop, look, touch and experience.
Through Founder Ann Thomas’ interest in graphic design, styling and people, the story of Revel began by creating solutions based purely on human emotions.


An Empowering Community Transformation.

Revel is breaking the rat race culture by drawing focus back to The Order of Importance:

1) Self
2) Partner
3) Family
4) Friends
5) Community


Throughly researched

Our collections & services are defined by their attention to detail and quality.
Ann seeks for a more purposeful approach to everyday stationery
with an emphasis on wholesome growth as a person.

These are, in her words, “Any purposeful creation should be anything but disposable."



Like any Sole-Proprietor business structure would be, Revel’s voice and direction relies heavily on Ann’s personal influences and influencers.

We chat with Ann a little to get a better understanding of the brand.

How would you sum up the aesthetic of Revel? Does it resonate with your style?

Our collections are decided by 2 simple questions:

1) Does it serve a purpose?
2) Do I find it visually pleasing?

I understand that tastes differ with individuals, but Revel was crafted based on my personal style (so yes, it resonates!) and the brands we represent have grown to identify and love us for our signature style.

We play with textures, colours and lines for a distinct approach. Revel’s brand DNA is firmly cemented in feminine, chic styles and the use of high-quality materials.

Tell us what led you to founding Revel…

It all started in 2016. I found my standing at crossroads, again. I’ve had an unconventional life. Never did fit in the cookie cutter mould, and after 30-odd years of fighting my inner-voice, I decided to take the road less travelled. The first year was possibly the most life-changing I’ve ever experienced. I learned to accept myself, and then love myself enough to want more, to believe I can accomplish my wants, and then pursue those wants. It was then when I noticed a gap in the market. There was lots of gorgeous stationery solutions here in Singapore - but not a solution dedicated to wholesome development. As a 1st-world country and a city-state, we’re constant stuck in a rat race. I wanted people to know we can and we should nourish our souls.

Right from the start, the website took off. Since then, we’ve been busy running pop-ups around Singapore as well as opened our 1st showroom at UE Square.

Who is your customer?

We sell primarily within Singapore, and over the past 2 years, we’ve been getting to know our customers better. She/he invests in a wholesome living experience. He is modern with a purpose in life. She is classic with a plan for her life.

What’s your first memory of journaling?

That would be from my primary school days. My family’s GP (General Practitioner) would have a huge desk calendar which I was always drawn to. Somewhere around Primary 3, I started creating daily planners out of school exercise books to help me remain organised.


Teamwork makes the dream work.

Meet the Team


Aastha Srivastava

Aastha is a writing, photography and pecan-pie enthusiast, trying to savour each day and keeping herself from getting caught up in the rush of life. She believes in taking time to stop and smell the flowers, if you will. While studying what she studies, she understood the importance of making an effort to keep in touch with loved ones around you, and is extremely glad that Revel allows her to share this with its readers and customers.

Marie Noël David

Marie Noël David
Bullet Journaler

Marie is a German journaler based in Hamburg. She has developed her style over the past four years, her interests are the natural beauties of colour and design.