Enjoy 15% OFF! Priced at just a little over $3/child, a fête kit, party-ready box for the parent that yearns for family bonding time. Grab a kit, do it as a family with the VIP, do it sans the VIP to surprise him or her. Either ways, smiles all around and memories made to last for a lifetime.

The simplest, most-heartfelt route to the best birthday present, ever.

P.s.: Classroom party? We deliver to preschools, too!


Nothing says fancy like a themed party with personalised invitations.

Be it ready-to-go (fill in those blanks!) or fully personalised, printed and posted right to your doorstep. We’ll tickle your fancy, while you put on your party planner’s hat on the homefront.


Dress up your little one’s bash to the max with the most squeal-worthy props and serveware. Child-friendly, child-approved, joy-inducing and earth-loving too.

Please, please though, remember to re-cycle and reuse whatever you can after the party.