Revel offers a selection of our products for media requests to be used in styling, video and/or photography purposes. It is not always possible for us to accommodate all requests and we do not guarantee fulfilment of all product loans and requests.

Procedures & Conditions:

  1. Please send in your request at least 5 working days in advance.

  2. As part of our sustainability efforts, we are actively encouraging the use of reusable bags. Please be reminded to bring along your own bag when making product loans.

  3. Please call in advance to make an appointment before you return the products. If you do not make an appointment, we may be unable to accept the return as we may be out of the office.

  4. Products must be returned with original packaging and in good condition within 5 working days from date of loan.

  5. Items unaccounted for or damaged will be billed to the borrower in full.

  6. Please send copies of your works featuring our product(s) to:

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