Feel Your Best: A Food & Fitness Journal

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Creating and sticking with new habits can be hard but this food and fitness tracker is designed to help you feel empowered to reach your goals. This journal includes 96 sheets and features a weekly wellness goals page to include what you want to achieve for the week in exercise, food, water intake and your sleep. Additional pages leave room for inspiration doodles as the week progresses or things you want to remember to keep you motivated.

Also, includes more detailed log pages for each day of the week. Track your food intake throughout the day, this log is easy to read and breaks the day out by mealtimes, types of food and calories. Activity log lets you keep track of each exercise, duration of your workout and includes room to rate your sleep quality and your accomplishment level for food, water and exercise. The layout of these pages makes it a great way to reference how much progress you have made since your fitness journey started. You're able to easily see the positive progress to keep yourself motivated and focused.

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