FlurryGram™ Snow Card

FlurryGram™ Snow Card

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What if you could mail someone a snowball right here in the land of eternal sunshine? With a FlurryGram™, you can! An 'instant snow' mix is included in every card kit.

Just add 1/4 cup of water, for a snowy surprise. Snow will grow to 100x its size (roughly the size of a snowball). 

Your FlurryGram™ comes fully-assembled.

  1. Remove the card from the clear envelope.

  2. Add a note and a stamp to the back, return it to the clear envelope. Your sparkly snow will float freely within the clear envelope!

  3. Upon receipt, your loved one can remove the card and add water to the clear envelope. Instantly, the ‘snow’ will expand and fluff up within the bag.

Safe and non-toxic, these fun flakes can be formed into a ball shape and frozen to make an icy snowball! This is also a great gift sensory activity with children.

About the snow.
We are an authorised reseller of Inklings Paperie who use a USA-made, highly-absorbent polymer for the snow, blending it with hand-cut glitter confetti.
The mixture is non-toxic and safe to use.

Still, we recommend using with supervision if you have younger children. 

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