Share a Prayer Cards - Boxed

Share a Prayer Cards - Boxed


Inspire yourself and others with these prayer and scripture cards. Gift someone special with a set of truly inspiring devotional messages.

This prayer card gift box set is designed to:

  • provide encouraging messages

  • taken from Scripture

  • on a daily basis

The box and cards within are designed with a floral print motif.

Each prayer card is:

  • 4”x 4”

  • constructed of thick card stock paper

  • designed to last

Prayer card gift box set contains:

  • 36 prayer cards

  • The back of each card inscribed with a unique inspirational line from Scripture.

These cards are the perfect size to be placed on one’s desk or anywhere else where it can be viewed throughout the day. While the cards will inspire you with your timely devotional messages, they can also be given to someone in their time of need.

This prayer card gift box set is the perfect way to ensure a more positive outlook on one’s daily encounters and brighten each day with perfectly chosen spiritual messages.

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