The Beauty Journal

The Beauty Journal


It's a gratitude, self-love, and memory journal all in one. Taking a moment out of your day to feel a sense of awareness & gratitude is the key to feeling truly blessed & abundant.

  • Helps you focus on the good in your life.

  • Designed to ease your stress & worries by:

    • bringing you into the present moment , &

    • boosting your happiness & self-esteem.

  • With over 250 pages of:

    • inspiring quotes,

    • affirmations,

    • daily love tasks,

    • weekly commitments,

    • self-reflections, and

    • space to store your beautiful moments.

Turn 'bad days' into good days.

Using the 5R Method, you'll deprogram your limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns & reprogram your mind to notice the good in every life situation. Shifting your perspective from lack to love.

Make gratitude a daily habit.

Creating healthy habits is key to positive change & success.

Release stress, develop a positive mindset, & uplift yourself daily.

The Beauty Journal has 2 daily sections: morning routine and a night routine

☀ Morning Routine: In the morning after you wake, use your Beauty Journal to start your day with a positive mindset.

☾ Night Routine: Before you go to bed, use your Beauty Journal to end your day with gratitude.

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