Write Your Own Story Journal

Write Your Own Story Journal


Stories are powerful. Here’s a journal for your stories. Your greatest and your latest to small everyday situations. Record your moments to share with others, now or in the future. Memoirs aren’t reserved for the infamous. It is for the child to read about his or her Mother’s memories. It is for the husband to learn more about his wife after her passing, a piece of her for him to hold onto.

DID YOU KNOW? The word mémoire (in French) is a memory, or a ‘souvenir’, that reflects the writer’s experiences.

This notebook will provide you with lots of prompts and exercises to help you write your stories. Think of this as your inner journal. It’s a repository of what you thought, the emotions you felt, what you learned, how the experiences changed you and helped you grow, and many other things besides.

The finer details:

  • Inspiring quotes

  • Elegant minimalistic cover with faux leather and gold foil.

  • A thread-bound design to make sure your journal will open flat on any page.

  • Lightweight and sized to fit in your handbag (14.5×19.5cm, 5.7×7.7 inches), approx. A5 size.

  • High quality, ink-proof, 120gsm acid-free paper. No more ink bleeding through pages.

  • 136 pages

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