Natural Rose Bath Salt

Natural Rose Bath Salt


A Mini-Retreat Despite Your Busy Life.

Strict timelines, juggling schedules, and navigating potential conflicts can allow stress to insinuate itself into our bodies as well as our minds. A warm bath can be a retreat where you create a quiet space in the midst of your modern life. Resting in the water you instantly feel lighter and the burden of your day begins to lift. A gentle aroma from Natural Bath Salts adds a layer of relaxation and you notice a softness begin to seep into your muscles and joints. Accept and embrace the calm that arises from this oasis and carry it with you.

Instructions for use in bath:
Simply add a couple tablespoons of Natural Bath Salts to your tub as you run your bath.

Instructions for use in shower:
Take a handful of the salts and whilst in the shower scrub all over to exfoliate and freshen the skin.

Net Weight - 9oz

Ingredients: Dead sea salt, Epsom salt, Coarse sea salt, Organic rose petals, Rose geranium essential oil

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